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 <​form>​ <​form>​
 Action mail chemist@dostortugas.org Action mail chemist@dostortugas.org
 +subject "​@@name@@ hat dein Contact Form benutzt!"​
 Thanks "​Thanks for submitting your valuable data." Thanks "​Thanks for submitting your valuable data."
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 select "​preferred way of contacting you" "​Email|WhatsApp|Skype|Facebook"​ select "​preferred way of contacting you" "​Email|WhatsApp|Skype|Facebook"​
 fieldset ""​ fieldset ""​
-textbox ​"You need to write '​beam'​ here" ​/^beam$/+yesno "I hereby agree that my personal data will be processed, saved and used for the sake of contacting me!" 
 +fieldset ​""​
 submit "​Submit Query" submit "​Submit Query"
 </​form>​ </​form>​
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